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4 thoughts on “Image: R + S = ♥

  1. I did see this at the time and meant to check out his blog. I remember tweeting about it after seeing it in the paper – lovely story xx

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately he deleted his blog last year. Nearly every day there are new trash bags dumped on the border of the farm. One day he found an address in a bag and posted it to his blog. His father was uncomfortable with it, thinking the perpetrators might come looking for trouble, so he took the entire blog down. :/
    It was
    He uses that same username on twitter: farmersimonk
    It was a fantastic blog- a real shame.
    Aw thanks. My blog seems so sporadic to me that I wouldn’t know what category to put it under. One day it is a recipe, the next photos of my goat, etc.

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