I sat down beside a man in a red shirt today. 14 line bus stop downtown, as usual. He asked me where I’m from, and I said here. He says no, no, you’re white, where are you from? I told him I’m only part white, and what does it matter anyway? I am part osage too. I said so. He didn’t know much about it. Asked me what a native american is, and I said the people here before the white people. He asked me how people got here. I said deep ocean vents maybe. Evolution. All that. Started out real simple, like a fetus does, one cell, multiplies, and before long there are complex lifeforms. He liked that.

When we boarded, he asked me if I thought God was a man. An old man. I said nah, I don’t believe in any such thing. Besides, if there was a creator who crafted this earth, then man would not have his favor. I started down a preachy path of anti all things civilized, when he interrupted to ask if I thought God might be experiences. He said, maybe God is every experience we have, all the moments added up. I said, well what happens if you live your whole life right up to 60, then hit your head real hard and forget everything. He says, well that is an experience.

“Oh I’ve got to get off here… I’m Donny.”

Then he was out the door and gone.



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